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Journey of a LYRA SWIMSUIT

Creative Process Starts

London- September: During 'fashion month', our designers, production and sampling teams embark on their creative journey. They kickstart the process with thorough research, scouring vintage magazines and books to dissect swimwear styles from the 1940s and 1960s. They also traverse vibrant marketplaces worldwide, drawing from diverse philosophies to infuse into their designs. To give life to their vision, they curate expansive mood boards, a visual representation of the product's intended personality and aesthetic.


Journey of a LYRA SWIMSUIT


Bergamo, Italy October: At LYRA, we're committed to using the finest Italian swimwear fabrics. Unlike other brands, we oversee every step of fabric preparation. Our fabric journey begins with sourcing raw materials from Italian mills. We prioritize comfort and durability, using patented elastomeric fibers from Bergamo mills for UV protection four times better than high SPF sunscreens. Our fabrics are sand-resistant, and we rigorously test color fade resistance in various conditions. Our fabrics undergo thorough physical and visual testing before approval. We invest time and resources to provide you with the best swimsuit material.

Journey of a LYRA SwIMSUIT


London, UK — November: Two months post the Autumn runway show, our design team initiates work on the next collection. Designers bring their concepts to life, either through sketches or fabric draping on live models. The iterative process is vital, adapting to different silhouettes. When our Italian test center approves the fabric and designs, they head to our London studio for pattern cutting and fitting on muslin. It's all about refining and creating a connection with the consumer. The production phase begins with a "cut ticket" specifying unit quantities, followed by pattern grading for different sizes and a detailed "tech pack" for each swimsuit's specifications.


Journey of a LYRA SwIMSUIT


Istanbul -January: We prioritise the synergy between quality swimwear and ethical production. It took over two years of relentless effort to find the right factory in Istanbul, where 250 fairly paid employees are treated with respect. Our factory is audited annually and aligned with the Fair Wear Foundation, upholding top workplace standards. In Istanbul, every LYRA swimsuit undergoes 11 meticulous production stages, guided by unwavering craftsmanship. From zippers and buttons to stitches, every detail is carefully selected and placed. Hand stitching is a hallmark of our dedication to precision, ensuring the correct stitch tension. Our quality control team conducts thorough inspections, leaving no detail unchecked before each product leaves our care.

Journey of a LYRA SwIMSUIT



London, UK — June: Every swimsuit produced in our factory is inspected for the smallest of faults before the LYRA label is sewn in. Loose threads are cut, stains removed and any fabric faults repaired. Each swimsuit is then hand-pressed, ironed and individually wrapped before being delivered to our warehouse in London ready to be purchased.