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Article: Beautiful Islamic Swimming Costumes for Women

Islamic swimming Costumes

Beautiful Islamic Swimming Costumes for Women

The journey to develop the perfect swimming costume began with a dream. A dream to fulfil the expectations of women around the world who wish to maintain personal modesty befitting the tenets of their belief. LYRA is not just another swimwear collection. Rather, we made it our goal to design swimwear that suits the personal modesty espoused by the ideals of their faith. 


Modest Swimwear, A Reality?

Sportswear today is patterned along a sort of detached practicality that stifles the individual’s choice of wearing what they feel comfortable in. Outdoor sports tend to restrict personal choice of clothing by recommending a particular kind of sportswear. For women, this constant contention between maintaining dignity and following their recreational activities places a hurdle in pursuit of achieving their true self-worth. Being confident in the right outfit is the hallmark of the dauntless woman, who demonstrates her determination to accommodate her passion with her beliefs. 

This dream was realized with the advent of the ‘Burkini’ - the perfect  Islamic swimming costume that would fit right in with the standards of modern-day fashion, championing the timeless beauty of the independent woman. This modest swimsuit empowered women everywhere to step forth into an experience that challenges the very expectations imposed on them.


Fashion Forward, the LYRA Way

LYRA’s premium range of swimwear brings the beach to you so you can let the world know that you are confident in yourself without limitations in your choice of clothing. Make the right choice with our specially-designed swimsuits. The answer to every woman who values their natural femininity and yearns to make a fashion statement. Now you too can enjoy the summer in style.

At LYRA, we value your comfort above all. Each swimsuit is crafted in great detail to offer the best in style just for you. LYRA swimsuits are designed to allow you complete freedom of mobility in the water without hindering your choice of personal expression. Our full body Islamic swimming costumes are made exclusively with the highest quality Italian fabrics that are designed to be lightweight, chlorine-resistant and quick drying. The durable fabric also protects against UV rays and keeps you safe while you’re outdoors. Come take a look at the wonderful range of Islamic swimming costumes from LYRA.





We take great pride in our belief that SOFIA represents the foundation of our enterprise. A commitment to women everywhere who aspire to accommodate their personal modesty with their choice of swimwear. From simple pastel shades to the vivid strokes of cerulean, the SOFIA range embraces uniqueness in its whole spectrum of designs. Bring out your natural femininity and celebrate simplicity, in style.



If you are looking to make a mark with your confidence, RAYA is the go-to outfit you need. A radiant swimwear option that commands the frontiers of fashion standards, this outfit would virtually feel like a second skin. A casual style for every occasion, letting you dive into the waves with perfect grace.



The successful product of rigorous design and unceasing aspiration, the ASRA range is quite simply the perfect outfit for a woman to express her feminine beauty. The elegant boundless design features a contrast neck panel and ruched detailed swim cap that lends an air of superior refinement befitting a dress-suit than a swimwear.



The perfect swimming outfit that would take its place at the highest ranks of sports fashion. ALAYNA range can substitute the beach for  catwalk any day. The fit and flare profile flatters your inner beauty while the chic wrap design suggests a somber charm. The mandarin collar fits snugly to help maintain your form both in water and without. If that is not all, an inner layer bodysuit gives you added comfort both in and out of the water.


Step Out with LYRA

We believe beauty knows no boundaries, that you should be in charge of your own beauty. Fashion is an adventure that must be navigated by the adventurer unconstrained by guidelines that inhibit her self-expression. The adventurous soul that takes up this task carries with her the conviction to be herself throughout the journey. And it is in equal part her desire to acknowledge her personal dignity with her comfort as she goes forth.

So kick off your sandals and leave your comfort zone behind with our elegant swimsuits. With LYRA having your back, you can be sure that making an impression is no great effort at all. Join our #LyraLadies community today!

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