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Article: A Definitive Guide to Buying Modest Swimwear (Burkini) in Dubai

Modest swimwear Dubai

A Definitive Guide to Buying Modest Swimwear (Burkini) in Dubai

Planning a beach holiday? Can’t find the right swimsuit? Let’s do this together. Swimwear that gets you into the water with confidence can be hard to find. Throwing on a couple of gym clothes for a dip in the waves will surely seem like a handy option, but we know how unappealing it can be to walk around the beach in wet, baggy clothes.


A Style Statement

The right kind of swimsuit shows how you are confident in yourself while allowing you to flex your unique style in which you are most comfortable. In Dubai, modest swimwear is finding itself on a standing that is on par with haute couture. To get a perspective, flip through the Sports Illustrated 2019 edition. Modest swimwear is not just a fad; it’s here to stay. The latest line of modest swimsuits are in vogue with fashionistas and athletes, who both agree on the fact that style and functionality of the “burkini” are perfectly in accord with personal comfort .




Although this market segment is relatively new, there are quite a few outlets that offer a choice range of modest swimwear for men and women alike in Dubai. But with the current pandemic situation, it seems like swimwear would take a back seat. But fret not, for the online marketplace is lively as ever, sending happiness your way bundled up in a stylish modest swimwear. So if you are finding it difficult to locate quality swimwear in Dubai, look no further. We are here for you.


Perfection in Swimwear Design

Being in the water should be a smooth, unhindered experience unmarred by the weight of saggy swimwear. LYRA swimwear uses an innovative breathable design to be lightweight when in the water and will dry up in a moment when you are outside. What’s more, the fabric keeps the UV rays out and protects you from sunburn while you are outside.



The streamlined design of the swimsuit accentuates your natural femininity and boosts your confidence with a loose-fitting silhouette. The innovative Italian fabric is designed to withstand sand abrasion and protect you from a rough tumble with the waves. The LYRA range of swimwear is such a brilliant piece that you will want to make it a year-round style right away.


Call up a Swimsuit

Presenting the complete collection of modest beachwear to keep you looking chic at the beach and in the water, LYRA swimsuits have been featured in a whole range of fashion swimwear collections. The focus on ‘the modestly stylish’ caters to the bold women who have always struggled to reconcile their personal comfort with the contemporary fashion trends. Go through the swimsuit collection in the LYRA online store and choose one that  inspires you to take up the challenge of making the beach your own catwalk.



Our swimsuits are in demand all over the globe so we make sure they reach you before you have a chance to reschedule your weekend trip to the beach. That would give us 3-5 days of getting you the full coverage swimsuit after you make an order online. We work with the leading courier services in the UAE and abroad to get you swimsuit-ready like a diva.


The RAYA Collection

Radiate confidence with this unconventionally casual swimsuit. The draped design lends a carefree appearance that makes the sea appear just another room that you would step into.


ASRA Swimsuits

Passion and perseverance brought forth a swimsuit that simply redefines elegance. The sweeping design with contrasted detailing makes it no less a swimwear than an evening dress.


Serenity of SOFIA

Unleash the power of your natural femininity with the vibrantly detailed swimwear. Choose from the simple Pastel designs or the spirited Aztec or Palm suits to go that extra mile in style.


Accessorize with LYRA

The extensive range of swimwear accessories from LYRA offers you a chance to experiment with your beach look. We believe you should be in charge of your own beauty. Switch up your style as your mood states and let the world revel in your inner beauty. One would wonder if these were truly made for swimming, for the intricate detailing stands out just as easily when out of the water.


The exclusive range of swim caps and hijab turbans are made just for the adventurer in you. Keep your hair in place and the sand out with these trendy add-ons. The sarong skirts and swim trousers will surely enhance your fashion statement at the beach or the pool, extending the aura of personal comfort further.


So plan your next beach holiday with the exclusive collection from LYRA Swimwear. We’ve got you covered!

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