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Article: Dive into LYRA's New Earth-inspired Swimwear Collection! 🍃

modest swimwear

Dive into LYRA's New Earth-inspired Swimwear Collection! 🍃

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lyra earth collection swimsuits


We are thrilled to bring you our newest modest swimwear collection featuring a timeless palette channelling and celebrating the vibrancy of the great outdoors.

Our new earthy-toned range offers our best-seller Sofia design in 5 new exciting shades: Maroon, Blue, Khaki, Pink and Slate.

Each shade evokes associations with the Earth, to allow you to connect with your surroundings whether you choose to enjoy your LYRA at the beach, in a lake, on a river or on a mountain hike.

lyra burkini 2022

This summer, enjoy the waters in LYRA like never before.


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