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Article: Shopping for Modest Swimwear in Sydney

Sydney Modest Swimwear

Shopping for Modest Swimwear in Sydney

The weekend is here and folks are flocking en masse to bask on the beaches in Sydney. If you are browsing for stylish modest swimsuits for a Sydney beach trip, we are here to help you out. LYRA offers the perfect swimsuit designs to match your style, for women of all shapes and sizes. Designed to impress, and crafted to last, our swimsuits are the ultimate blend of fashion and function in sportswear. We assure you will look absolutely divine and feel confident in a LYRA modest swimsuit

Go Modest with LYRA

Swimwear for full body coverage is not just a matter of modesty and personal ethics. For quite a lot of people, skin protection is a hurdle to freely engage in outdoor sports, and the Australian sunshine is one formidable element that you absolutely need to keep an eye out for. Swaddling yourself in baggy clothes just for a dip in the waters might seem like the only option if you can’t find the right swimwear. And we know how unappealing that can be. 

At LYRA, our primary goal is to design swimwear based on womens’ need for personal modesty. Sportswear in general is challenging for women who wish to dress modestly, and having a choice in personal style is marred by the rigidity of sports fashion standards. LYRA’s modest swimwear for Sydney reflects the aspiration of women everywhere to participate freely in outdoor sports.




The Perfect Swimwear

Fashion trends are getting more evanescent than ever, with adverse effects on the environment - not to mention your wallet. LYRA incorporates classical designs in our modest swimwear, with a goal to craft timeless outfits for any season. Think of it as a long term investment when you choose LYRA’s modest swimwear - it will be an integral part of your wardrobe, an extension of your personality.

Our premium range of modest swimwear is the ideal outfit to let the world know you are confident in yourself and your choice of swimwear. LYRA swimsuits are the answer to women who yearn to express their natural femininity and enjoy the summer on their own terms. Come find out how LYRA’s modest swimwear is perfect for your Sydney beach outing.

Ease of Use:

Dressing for the beach is as easy as putting on a sweatshirt with LYRA burkini swimsuits. LYRA’s swimsuits are crafted from the finest Italian fabric with the aim of supreme comfort even when you are in the water. Besides, they

Tough as Nails: 

Our modest swimwear Sydney collection is quite versatile when it comes to protection. UV rays, chlorine and sand abrasion can’t get at you anymore when you are swaddled in this durable, lightweight swimsuit. And all this with exceptional mobility in the water!

Flexible Coverage:

We perfected our swimsuit design keeping in mind your choice of how much to cover when outdoors, with a range of extensible attachments to your outfit so you can walk tall without the burden of cumbersome cover-alls.


A Fashion Fiesta

Modest swimsuit designs from LYRA have been featured in a range of sports fashion collections that focus on encouraging bold women to reconcile their personal comfort with the latest fashion trends in swimwear. Check out some of the top LYRA designs that inspire the adventurous spirit to go forth in style.



Radiating splendor with a casual charm, the ALAYNA swimsuit is the go-to outfit for the beach, all year round. The carefree confidence of this outfit makes it feel as if it is a part of you. Dive in perfect grace as if you were stepping into another room, with Raya.



The very definition of elegance in a swimsuit, the Asra collection is no less than an evening dress with its sweeping design and contrasted detailing. Reveal your natural femininity with a dash of grandeur as Asra turns the spotlight on you.



The embodiment of LYRA’s commitment to unleash their natural femininity with graceful simplicity. The Sofia collection ranges from bold pastel colors to vibrantly detailed prints that express the uniqueness of your personality to the world. 


Order up a Swimsuit
The complete collection of LYRA swimsuits is just a couple of clicks away for that perfect chic look at the beach. We make sure your swimsuits are in your wardrobe before you even consider rescheduling the weekend beach trip. We work with some of the leading courier services in Australia to get you swimsuit-ready. Choose your outfit on the LYRA online store and give us about 3-5 days to get you adorned in a stylish, modest swimsuit.  


With an extensive collection of swim tops and accessories to choose from, you can say goodbye to the comfort zone and get busy customizing the perfect beach look. So get your hat on and get ready to make a fashion statement with LYRA. We will be cheering for you!

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