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Article: Exploring Plus-Size Modest Swimwear in the USA

plus size modest swimwear USA

Exploring Plus-Size Modest Swimwear in the USA

Looking for that perfect swimsuit to make a style statement at the beach? Well, chances are high you might end up having to pull on a tight one-piece and shuffle around awkwardly at the beach. It is no joke that quite a lot of women do not find the right size of swimsuits, and if they do, they have little choice in maintaining personal modesty with that outfit.

Personal modesty is simply about having a say in what you choose to wear. It is about letting the world know you are a unique individual who can make your own decisions. Women around the world seeking the thrill of the waves or just a dip in the pool find themselves having to forgo their personal modesty in favour of the accepted standards of sportswear fashion. Getting hold of plus-size modest swimwear in the USA is quite a task when most swimsuit manufacturers cater to smaller sizes.

This is all about to change, so prepare yourself to take on the world this summer. Plus-size modest swimwear is the talk of the town right now, redefining what it means to look stunning on the beach.



Modest Swimwear 

Fashion trends may come and go, but Halima Aden ushered in a new era in sportswear fashion when she made the cover of Sports Illustrated 2019 in a stunningly innovative swimsuit that encouraged women everywhere to step forth and challenge the expectations imposed on their personal style. This humble revolution inspired us to defy conventional fashion standards and redefine body positivity through our swimwear.

LYRA presents a stunning range of finely crafted swimsuits designed to showcase your natural feminine beauty in all its glory. Our plus-size modest swimwear brings the ocean to your wardrobe so you can express your personal style without limitations. LYRA’s specially designed swimsuit collection is the answer to every woman who seeks to balance their modesty with their desire to make a fashion statement, and all in plus-size.



Committed to Perfection

We at LYRA celebrate women of all shapes and sizes, and we believe you should be proud of your body. In matters of personal style, we will always stand with you because you deserve to look beautiful. A solid color swimsuit can be quite slimming and minimally stylistic but if you are looking for a little more zing at the beach, flip through the LYRA catalogue for the right patterns that will express your personal style.

LYRA swimsuits are crafted from the finest Italian fabric, designed to give you a figure-flattering range of swimwear and accessories to make the beach your ramp walk. So get ready to be inspired, empowered and fashionable with LYRA’s plus-size modest swimwear in the USA.

SOFIA in Style

Blending fashion and function in a swimsuit brought us to SOFIA - a remarkably elegant swimsuit design that comes in a range of eye-catching variants. From solid colors to exotic patterns, the SOFIA swimsuit collection offers a range of figure-flattering modest swimwear to choose from, you can break free from your comfort zone with confidence.

Elegance of ALAYNA

Let the world know you are comfortable in your body and confident in your modesty this summer with ALAYNA. The elegantly regal swimsuit would surely not be out of place on a catwalk. Your inner beauty would be flattered by the fit and flare profile, and the chic wrap style adds to the standout figure. The inner layer bodysuit helps maintain your form within and outside the water in full comfort.

Soar with HALIMA
Curves are beautiful - so we made our HALIMA swimsuits curvalicious just for you! The wrap design combined with the side ruching detail accentuates your silhouette perfectly, with an adjustable waist fastening for perfect fit. Embrace your uniqueness and celebrate your inner beauty with this elegant outfit.

Kaftans for the Beach
You can always trust a Kaftan to flatter your figure at the beach. Comfy and breathable, this loose-fitting outfit keeps you looking fresh and elegant wherever you go. LYRA’s Kaftan collection is perfect for a walk by the beach or just a casual outing. These amazing outfits are designed to radiate pure luxury for any occasion - with the right coverage and flexible sizes, LYRA Kaftans are certainly the go-to coverall option for the beach-going heartthrobs out there. 


Now that you have found the perfect prints to waddle yourself in, pack your favorite LYRA plus-size modest swimwear and head off to the beach in style. We will be with you all the way!

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