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Article: LYRA’s UPF 50+ UV Protection Modest Swimwear

LYRA’s UPF 50+ UV Protection Modest Swimwear

LYRA’s UPF 50+ UV Protection Modest Swimwear

Planning a day out at the beach or the pool? Protecting yourself from sunburn would be top priority on your mind when packing sunscreen and wide brim hats, but going into the water would be an entirely different matter. Conventional swimwear is simply designed for moving through the water, offering little if any protection against UV rays or even the chlorine in the water.

Pioneering Sports Fashion

Swimwear with built-in sun protection sounds like something out of a sci-fi tale, but it truly is an effortlessly innovative option when compared to the standard ways of preventing sunburns. LYRA perfected this science with the anti-UV modest swimwear that is taking the fashion world by storm.

Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) is a measure of a fabric’s ability to filter out ultraviolet rays from the sun. All clothes are capable of blocking out some of this radiation - UPF measures the extent to which they do so. Most kinds of summer wear would be rated UPF 5-10 at best, providing minimal protection. UPF 50+ fabric keeps out about 98% of harmful radiation, offering excellent protection against sunburn.

Why not sunscreens?

Using sunscreen might be the standard way to block out harmful UV rays, but the fact is that the chemicals in many sunscreen products have been found to have negative health effects. And it washes off every time you go into the water, so you would be spending quite a bit of time applying sunscreen than enjoying yourself at the beach.

Besides, using sunscreen and going into the water is a bad idea if you consider the wider environmental impacts. Quite a lot of tourist spots have started to curb the use of sunscreen products - which just shows that sunscreen just might not be the easy option for a fine day out on the beach or the pool.

Explore swimsuits from LYRA

LYRA’s anti-UV modest swimwear collection is the answer: why lug around in cumbersome layers of clothing when you can simply put on a LYRA swimsuit and turn the beach into your own catwalk. With LYRA’s burkini swimwear, UV rays are a thing of the past. Our expert designers perfected a swimwear design combining fashion statement with tough functionality. Our modest swimwear collection is made from Italian fabric specially crafted to repel UVA and UVB rays. If that’s not enough, the innovative breathable weave keeps sand and chlorine out when you are in the water and dries up quickly when you step out from the water.

Our goal is to allow women everywhere to indulge their adventurous spirit without being weighed down by the expectations imposed on their choice of swimwear. More than just sun protection, anti-UV modest swimwear is a way to let the world know you are comfortable in your body enough to choose your own personal style and leave awestruck faces in your wake. 

Inspired by the sleek flawlessness of surf suits, we designed Sofia with the goal of making an iconic modest swimsuit. The bold colours add to the minimalist charm, bringing out your natural femininity. Choose from simple pastel designs to vibrant patterned Sofia swimsuits and watch the world revolve around you.

The ruche waist design and detachable tie earns the Naila swimsuit its place as the pinnacle of sportswear fashion. The fit and flare profile comes from the inner bodysuit feature while the chic wrap maintains the austere charm of modesty. To call it a swimsuit would be an understatement - this simple design evokes an otherworldly beauty even when you are in the water.

Elegance meets simplicity in this dreamy swimsuit designed for the modern adventurer. Evoking the luxury of a dress suit with the wrap design and side ruching detail, Halima stays true to our goal of bringing out an outfit that a woman can express her personal style with confidence. If flattering feminine style is your cup of tea, this is the right modest swimwear.

Show off with a kaftan

The Kaftan might be the single greatest fashion statement ever. Easy to wear and fabulous to be seen wearing one, this simple outfit can be worn for any occasion, which might be the reason it has endured across different cultures. This handy coverall is your go-to option to keep the sun off you when outdoors.

LYRA presents a range of classic Kaftan designs to choose from for your beach outing. Matching supreme comfort with regal grace, the billowy silhouette of our Kaftans are sure to turn heads when you step out in style.

Accessorizing is the way to go when every bit of sun protection helps keep you cool and dashing when outdoors. With the LYRA range of swim caps and accessories, you can experiment endlessly with your anti-UV outfit. So pack your favorite LYRA anti-UV modest swimwear and have fun being in the spotlight at the beach!

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