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Article: Stunning Full Body Swimming Costumes by LYRA

Stunning Full Body Swimming Costumes by LYRA

Stunning Full Body Swimming Costumes by LYRA

In May 2019, Halima Aden made history when she appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated in a full-body swimsuit. Modesty and sports were seen as irreconcilable opposites, coercing women into choosing between their vocation and their personal belief.

Swimwear that fits your style and personal values can be hard to find. Wearing the right kind of swimming costume shows that you are confident in yourself while demonstrating your freedom of choice in achieving your unique style.

“Do you have a body? Then you're swimsuit ready. That's all you need to worry about.” - Emily Ratajkowski


The Winds of Change

When Lebanese-born Australian designer Aheda Zanetti came up with the idea of a full body swimming costume, it was intended to allow her niece to participate in outdoor sports while still retaining her personal dignity. Perfecting a design that conformed to athletic requirements resulted in an innovative costume that has become a symbol of self-confidence and empowerment. 

Today this swimsuit, termed the ‘Burkini’ by Zanetti, is a fast-growing fashion phenomenon that has caught the attention of women all over the globe. Expanding into casualwear and vogue segments, the Burkini has become a representation of women’s choice to wear what they want. 

“Modesty isn’t about covering up our bodies, it’s about revealing our dignity.” - Jessica Rey


Express Yourself with LYRA 

For every woman who has always wondered what to wear to the beach without compromising style or modesty, LYRA Swim brings the best out of you with our full body swimming costume. Reveal your elegance with our finely crafted full body swimsuits. Because you deserve perfection in your appearance and fortitude in your self-worth. 

LYRA’s full body swimming costume brings the beach to you so you can let the world know that you are comfortable without limitations. Make the right choice with our specially-designed swimsuits. The answer to every woman who values their natural femininity and dreams of making a fashion statement. Now you too can enjoy the summer in style.

 “What woman doesn't want to feel comfortable in a swimsuit? It's incredibly empowering.” - Sara Rue


Swimsuits are designed to allow the user complete freedom of mobility in the water without hindering their personal expression. Even in Europe, full body swimming costumes were the norm not too long ago.

At LYRA Swim, we think of you first. Each swimsuit is carefully crafted to offer the best in style just for you. Our full body swimming costumes are made exclusively with the highest quality Italian fabrics that are designed to be lightweight, chlorine-resistant and quick drying. The durable fabric also protects against UV rays and keeps you safe while you’re outdoors.


Explore the Popular LYRA Swimming Costumes

Choose from the wide range of swimsuits and accessories designed to suit every woman out there. Wrap up your chic look with some classy turban swim cap and detachable skirt matching your mood.

  • Vibrant Floral
  • For the artsy, our jazzy floral print swimsuits set you apart at the beach. We know you’ll love the floral collection blending a simple surf suit with rich detailing.



  • Classic Elegance
  • If you prefer to become one with the waves, take a look at our pastel swimsuit collection. This design showcases your femininity with a dashing simplicity.



  • Confidently Bold
  • The Bold Collection speaks to the dauntless spirit in you, undoubtedly a hallmark of the demure. Redefine your self-esteem by standing out in Bold.




    So kick off your shoes and step out of your comfort zone with our elegant swimsuits. With LYRA on your side, you can be sure that making an impression is no trouble at all

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