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Article: What is a Kaftan?

What is a Kaftan?

What is a Kaftan?

Over the years, the kaftan has been touted as a straightforward, comfortable outfit that can be adapted for all spheres of casual life. The evolution of the kaftan into a festive garment has certainly made it a more accessible choice for women. It is spacious enough to move around easily without being restrictive, while also allowing generous coverage. It is almost like a small world of fabric in which you can be yourself.

Popularity of the Kaftan 

What makes the kaftan such a classic choice of outfit? We have a simple answer to that. A kaftan is a highly versatile garment that moulds itself to suit any occasion. Although it has been in use for centuries across different cultures, the modern kaftan is no more unsophisticated than say, a dress shirt. Yet, it has found itself to be the centerpiece of attention in the fashion industry lately, with a whole league of celebrities flaunting the kaftan look both at home and outdoors.

Unlike the casual loungewear that restricts your style quotient or a formal outfit that needs considerable struggle to get right, our kaftans are a little luxurious to bridge the gap between sophistication and effort. A perfect one-piece-fits-all silhouette handy for almost any occasion on your calendar without sacrificing any comfort.


LYRA Kaftan

Kaftan the LYRA way

All LYRA kaftans are designed with your comfort in mind. We believe the kaftan deserves to be promoted as a fashion statement by everyone; as a symbol of adaptability, a celebration of your uniqueness. The LYRA brand has all the elegance of classic Hollywood, Moroccan beach cool and minimalist design. 

At LYRA, we experiment with the range of kaftans in vogue and shape the perfect look for you.  The dropped shoulder look redefines the way you project your style, maintaining a solemn decorum even in a crowd. The comfort and fluidity offered by our kaftan designs make it possible for you to dress up or down depending on your mood and purpose. Because after all, the product does not define you; you define the product.


Dalia Kaftan

Our premium DALIA Maxi Dress range blends the boho-chic style with a flowing kaftan for a carefree look. Complete with billowy sleeves for supreme comfort and a peplum hemline accentuating the A-line silhouette, the kaftan is designed with a gathered panel detail that demonstrates aesthetic grace.


Alyssa Kaftan

The ALYSSA range of kaftan is the very symbol of minimalist fashion. A masterful blend of cotton and linen lets the fabric glide over you in a loose silhouette. You can choose the level of comfort with the concealed button detail on this kaftan. For a casual outing with friends or a business meeting, the ALYSSA kaftan will surely get you noticed.

Sporty SANA

Sana Kaftan

The SANA collection is just elegant enough to steal the limelight when you step outside. The premium cotton fabric is designed to be chic in a simplistic manner. The easy-to-style design goes well with an oversized hat and wrap around a bandana to give you a bold look. 

Dreamy NAILA

Naila kaftan

A rustic outfit that belies the extent of its use in any social function, the NAILA collection is sure to turn a few heads. The breathable fabric gives a relaxed feel when you are outdoors, without weighing down on your style. The kaftan comes equipped with a side belt for enhanced fit as well. 

Urbane RANIA

Rania kaftan

If you are looking forward to dressing up for a formal event, we have got you covered with the RANIA range of kaftans. True to its name, this regal outfit is perfect for stealing all the gazes. The viscose material presents a relaxed, flowing style that matches your charm.

Perfection with accessories

Accessories for any outfit must of course, match the mood of the situation. When you have a LYRA kaftan on hand, you can experiment with the add-ons at hand as you please, and open up an extensive variety of styles for all seasons. And remember that the kaftan is not just a summer wear: drape it on with a couple of matching scarves to get the comfort of kaftan style in fall or winter.

Your closet is undoubtedly in need of a revolution and we can help you out, Take a look at the LYRA kaftan collection for a hassle-free outfit, just for you. Hurry now and reinvent your style with us!

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