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Article: Best-selling Collection of Beach Kaftans by LYRA

Best-selling Collection of Beach Kaftans by LYRA

Best-selling Collection of Beach Kaftans by LYRA

There are few attires that have withstood the test of time as much as the kaftan. This classical outfit has been in use for thousands of years in many cultures. Many of its variants have travelled across the world in different names but at the end of the day, a fashionable kaftan is simply the first choice for any occasion. The kaftan is experiencing a renewed interest right now with many well-known celebrities embracing its comfort and unique appeal.


An Enduring Classic

So why is the kaftan such a statement piece, a timeless outfit popular across cultural barriers? Well for one thing, it is their simplistic design: a kaftan is a purely lightweight leisure clothing made for an easy adornment. And of course, the kaftan is not simply a summer-wear: throw on a couple of scarves to match your style in fall or winter and enjoy endless attention.


The billowing silhouette of the kaftan evokes a sense of profound solemnity and elegance that is rarely exhibited by any other piece of garment. For women everywhere the kaftan presents a relaxed yet sophisticated style that would fit perfectly with any accessories and for any occasion.


The Perfect Beachwear

LYRA kaftans are crafted with passion and precision for the adventurous spirit in you. From beachwear to party wear, these kaftans make you the centre of the attention wherever you go. A stylish add-on option to your beach wardrobe, they will certainly match all the fashion trends in vogue. Before you know it, this would be your go-to style all-year round.


Your bathing suit will be perfectly complemented by a breezy kaftan if you are planning a trip to the beach during the summer. Here are some of the top kaftans from LYRA that come specially designed for a day at the beach. Feel free to reinvent your style with the handy accessories exclusively from LYRA.


Graceful RANIA Kaftan

Staying true to its name, this regal kaftan presents a relaxed style that fits flawlessly over you. When the sun gets low and the waves wash over the shore, you will stand out in style with RANIA. Grab a couple of beach sandals to complete your beach look with this kaftan.

Lively ALYSSA Kaftan

The loose silhouette of this cotton-linen blend kaftan speaks minimalist elegance. The dropped shoulder design of the ALYSSA kaftan will accentuate your movement and present a casual, suave appearance. Change up your comfort level with the concealed button detail for a more open front look. An evening stroll beside the waves will surely be perfect with this simple kaftan.

kaftan lyra

Charming SANA Kaftan

Steal the show with the elegance of SANA. designed in a double-breasted batwing style for a radiant appearance while you stroll along the boardwalk. The premium lightweight cotton fabric is crafted into a loose fit, billowing alluringly with the evening zephyrs. An oversized beach-hat would go along splendidly on this kaftan when you step out to the beach.

sana kaftan

Enamoured with MAYA 

The neatly oversized silhouette of this kaftan made of light cotton fabric lets you ride the breeze at the beach or the pool. The V-neck shirtdress design comes with side-seam pockets to give you that youthful, carefree style for an all-year round fashion statement. Throw on a scarf or two and watch the world revolve around you.


Picturesque NAILA Dress

Give off pleasant vacation vibes with this elegantly crafted kaftan dress. Truly rustic in style for the adventurous spirit. The finely crafted breathable fabric offers a relaxed fit, with the handy side belt marking a sporty elegant appearance. The kaftan is so lightweight you can simply throw it on effortlessly and go forth in style.


Ritzy DALIA Maxi Dress

An outfit that feels superior in every way, the boho chic dress features gathered panel detail on the peplum hemline, making it an excellent choice for draping over your shoulders after a swim. Prominent buttons at the neck and cuff highlight your feminine beauty nonchalantly.


The Exotic LYLA Kimono

Step out of the water in this airy kimono dress made of lightweight viscose fabric. With a flattering V-neck and flaring sleeves that presents a simplistic profile, this kaftan will suit your style marvelously. Featuring an open front style complete with front buttons and concealed side pockets.


The beach is ready to welcome you into its bosom. Why keep it waiting when you can work wonders with the LYRA range of Beach Kaftans. Turn into a fashion icon and let free your inner beauty with LYRA.

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