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Article: How to tie a Sarong the Right Way? Beachwear with a Twist

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How to tie a Sarong the Right Way? Beachwear with a Twist

Contrary to popular belief, a sarong can be worn in any number of right ways. This unassuming piece of fabric is a familiar outfit for the casual picnicker and the seasoned swimmer alike. A sarong can work as a towel or a scarf to a fully functional tunic and is surely a must-have in your beachwear wardrobe. There is certainly more than one way to tie a sarong when you are out at the beach. Besides adding a little highlight to your beachwear, the versatility of the sarong lets you stand out with your own unique style. 

The LYRA dream is to equip every woman with the skill to make a fashion statement using a sarong. We went through the latest trends in beach fashion and came up with some handy tips to turn the beach into a catwalk with a simple sarong. Check out these techniques with the exclusive range of LYRA Sarong Skirts for a perfectly chic beach look.


Minimalist Long Skirt:

The graceful silhouette style blends comfort and style seamlessly. Wear it to the beach or for a casual outing to show off your unflattering spirit. We recommend this simple technique to add coverage to your swimsuit without being overly restrictive.

Hold the sarong horizontally behind your body and wrap the top two corners back to front at the hip. Gather the two ends at the side of the waist and secure it with a knot. The side self-tie feature on the LYRA sarong provides for a comfortable fit.


Halter Dress:

It is simply too easy to look stylish with a halter dress style. This design shows off your femininity with simplistic elegance and keeps you comfortable throughout. Master this carefree fashionable look in a few simple steps.

Hold the sarong behind the body horizontally and bring the top two ends up and under the arms, wrapping the sarong from back to front. Gather the ends and cross them one over the other just above the bustline. Gather the two ends together around the back of the neck. Fasten the ends together in a knot to secure the dress. 


Regal Sarong Tunic: 

Borne of a majestic glamour, the tunic design is a blend of classical fashion and elegant modernism. The alluring asymmetrical style adds a versatile look wherever you go. Show off your natural beauty while staying on top of fashion trends with these simple steps.

Hold the sarong horizontally behind the body and wrap one end across the front of your body and up under the opposite armpit. Pull the other end up over the front and over the shoulder to meet the other end. Fasten the two ends in a simple knot and let the effortlessly chic style speak for itself.


Zesty Swimsuit Cover-up:

The stunning simplicity of this sarong will certainly be your go-to style for the summer. With this simple draped design, protect yourself from the sun and enjoy summer in vogue. Look your best in the evening if you prefer blending it with your casualwear.

Hold the sarong lengthwise in front of the body. Wrap the top two ends around the neck and tie it into a knot. Gather the other two ends and wrap them from front to back below the waist. Secure this with a knot at the back or at either side to form a simplistic silhouette outfit.


Vibrant Sarong Jumpsuit: 

A breezy ensemble that flatters your frame at the beach, the jumpsuit design is perfect for a youthful look in the summer. Kick it up a notch with matching scarves that show your flair for fashion.

Hold the sarong lengthwise in front of the body and wrap front to back under the armpits. Tie the top two corners with a knot at the center of the back to hold it in place. Pull the bottom of the sarong up through the legs from front to back. Tie the two ends at the waist for a secure fit. You can lengthen the jumpsuit by adjusting this knot up or down as you require. 


How to Tie a LYRA Sarong?

how to tie lyra sarong

LYRA Sarong tie wrap skirt, flattering on any shape or size. This wrap-around midi style is designed to sit high on the waist. Made from soft fabric and finished with a side tie-wrap belt to flatteringly nip in your waist. Tie it into a bow or leave as it is.

  • Lightweight crinkle effect
  • Side pull through waist tie

Sarong tie maxi skirt in a lightweight fabric, with a side self-tie closure.

Today, sarongs are not just exclusive beachwear - they are being increasingly assimilated into  both casual and formal settings to complement the attire. The versatility of the sarong is perfectly matched by the lightweight fabric, making it a great addition to your travel wardrobe.

LYRA is dedicated to fulfilling your fashion prioritizing personal choice of coverage. We bring you the best apparel for experimenting with your mien and creating your unique style. Check out our select range of sarongs and let the world stare in awe at your style.


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