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Article: Explore the Sports Illustrated Burkini Collection with LYRA Swim

sports illustrated burkini

Explore the Sports Illustrated Burkini Collection with LYRA Swim

Halima Aden marked a new era in swimsuit design when she made it to the cover of Sports Illustrated in 2019 with a surprisingly ingenious swimsuit. As it is known now, the’ burkini’ made it possible for women to balance their style with their athletic aspirations. This modest swimsuit empowered women everywhere to go forth into an experience that challenges the very expectations imposed on them.


“I wanted to show girls that they had an option. A lot of girls opt-out of swimming because they don’t think they have one.” - Halima Aden. 


Redefine your Dreams

It was implicitly understood that one could never reconcile the seeming opposites of sports and modesty. What had been before a slim hope - of swimming freely with comfort, was realized then for women young and old across the world. The message was clear now: it was perfectly within reason to do so not just for sports but also for leisure. A casual stroll on the beach or a dip in the pool - pack your swimsuit and get on with it.


“Confidence: it all has to do with how you feel about yourself - it’s about projecting the attitude, I’m OK with who I am.” - Jennifer Lopez


The Super-swimsuit

Our priority at LYRA is to make sure our swimsuits bond with you perfectly - for an adventure, if not for life. Our designers are constantly at work to bring out the most acceptable swimsuits that inspire women everywhere to take up challenges and reach new heights.

With the latest technology on hand, we set out to create perfection: a swimsuit so flawless that it would forever revolutionize sports fashion. 


The most delicate Italian fabrics are used to make our swimsuits the pinnacle of comfort. The lightweight but compact weave keeps out the chlorine when you are in the water and the sand when you are on land. The innovative UV-resistant design makes you sun-proof as well. And to top it all, the quick-drying property of the material has significantly been perfected so that transitioning out of the water takes only a moment.


“Everyone has a different body shape, so you have to figure out not only what works best for your body type, but what also makes you feel confident.” - Gigi Hadid.


Graceful RAYA

Raya Sports Illustrated Burkini

The RAYA collection is designed to radiate confidence. It is a tribute to the spontaneous spirit of women who desire to go beyond the frontiers of conventional fashion. The drape detailing on the swimsuit adds to the casual style, making it seem like the water was just another room you stepped into.


Dauntless ASRA

Asra Burkini Swimsuit

The ASRA swimsuit is the product of rigorous design and unceasing aspiration to bring out the best outfit that a woman can express herself in. The elegant sweeping design, along with the contrast neck panel and ruched detailed swim cap, makes the suit appear more a dress-suit than a wet-suit.


Splendour of SOFIA

Sofia Burkini

We experimented with a variety of design philosophies for the SOFIA collection. Modelled on surf suit designs, these swimsuits go the extra length by way of style. From a simple Pastel range to the vibrantly detailed Aztec and Palm suits, we guarantee you can make a fashion statement with our modest swimwear. Bring out your natural femininity and celebrate simplicity with the SOFIA swimsuit.



Alayna Burkini

A swimsuit that would not be out of place on a catwalk, the elegantly regal ALAYNA collection is simply the pinnacle of sports fashion. And it would be an understatement to call it a swimsuit. The fit and flare profile flatter your inner beauty, while the chic wrap design suggests a sombre charm. The mandarin collar fits snugly to help maintain your form both in water and without. And for extra comfort, it comes with an inner layer bodysuit.


Experiment with style

Accessorizing is simply the motto for when you wish to explore your style at your own pace. All our swimsuits are designed with your expectations at heart. For extended coverage, our detachable skirts and swim caps are highly recommended. One would wonder if these were truly made for swimming, for the intricate detailing stands out just as quickly when out of the water.


At LYRA, we believe beauty knows no boundaries, that you should be in charge of your own beauty. Fashion is and must be an adventure. A bold woman sets forth on this adventure with an incessant drive to be herself throughout the journey. It would be equally bold to acknowledge your comfort along with your personal dignity when you step into the water.

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