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Article: Dive in with LYRA Full Coverage Swimwear this summer

full coverage swimwear

Dive in with LYRA Full Coverage Swimwear this summer

Swimsuits are designed to allow the user complete freedom of mobility in the water without hindering their personal expression. Wearing the right kind of swimming costume shows that you are confident in yourself while demonstrating your freedom of choice in achieving your unique style.

Outdoor activities and sports tend to dissuade personal autonomy in clothing actively. There is always a constant negotiation between dignity and recreational pursuits. Women pay the price by being judged for their personal style rather than their abilities, ultimately ending up excluded from this sphere.


“Even buying a swimsuit is super difficult. And then making one is even harder.” - Chloe Sevigny.


We understand the difficulties of finding the right swimwear for the custom look you have in mind. Conventional swimwear caters to the single goal of utility, with little concern for aesthetics. LYRA is always at your service with the full coverage swimwear collection designed with you in mind. Our goal is to combine functionality and style, moulded to your personal ethics. 


“To look good in the water, you have to pick the right swimsuit.” - Amanda Beard.


Swim Tops

There is a wide range of swim tops at LYRA that caters to your style preferences. From the simple pastel suit to the vibrant detail suit, we can make your outdoor experience truly fulfilling. For secure, easy fit, we made the sleek long-sleeve designs in line with custom body types. We recommend experimenting with an extensive set of swimsuit accessories to complete your unique fashion statement.


Form-fitting swim bottoms

Perfectly suited for the gym and the pool alike, the ankle-length culottes are the very definition of comfort. The mid-rise waistband design clings to the frame and can be topped with a swim skirt for added coverage. 


Swim skirts for that hip look

If you wish to add some zest to your swimsuit, we’ve got you covered. The wraparound swim skirts let you flaunt your swimsuit like a dress while providing that extra coverage you need. With flattering silhouettes, these swim skirts can be a great addition to your wardrobe. 


The knee-length swim skirts are made of high-quality Italian fabric and fit naturally with the swimsuit aesthetic. The high-waist design complements your style, making it an extension of your swimsuit. Simply wrap one around your waist and go forth with the confidence born of its unsurpassed sleekness.


“A swimsuit becomes like a dress when you wrap a sarong over it.” - Neha Pendse.


Swim Cap

A swimsuit is not complete without securing your hair with a swim cap. Forget the old unwieldy caps that get your hair in a mess. LYRA presents a wide range of trendy swim cap collections to choose from. Our swim caps made from chlorine-resistant fabric protect your hair from the water.


August Swim Hijab

For full coverage of your head and neck, explore the Swim Hijab range. Our swim hijabs made from lightweight stretch fabric with an easy-pullover design that keeps your hair secure while swimming. With the innovative tuck-in design, you can be sure of whirling through the water with no effort.


Rustic Swim Turban

We combined the classic turban style with a unique non-slip design for our Swim Turbans. Both the casual range and the knotted look are perfect for holding your hair comfortably while swimming. The ruched detailing lends a serene charm that would undoubtedly radiate your inner beauty.


Lighten up with snazzy beachwear

Suitable beachwear can be a splendid addition to your swimsuit collection. At LYRA, we prioritize your modesty above all when we designed these beachwear accessories. 


Beach trousers

Kick back with these relaxed beach trousers. Made of lightweight linen fabric that flares gently from the waist, they will surely give off a feminine allure with the additional coverage it offers.


Sarong skirts

The midi-style sarong skirts are made of lightweight cotton fabric that come in smooth and crinkle design variants. The side tie-wrap belt accentuates the straightforward attitude when you are out on the beach.


Now you can choose how to spend your time with LYRA. We’re with you all the way!


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